tPell GFX

Stylish pellet stove controller with contemporary user interface

Comfort and style at home with the contemporary color high quality display of tPell GFX controller!

tPell GFX
  • tPell GFX
  • tPell GFX
  • tPell GFX
  • tPell GFX
  • tPell GFX
  • Description

    The tPell controller is the core of every pellet heating device. It makes sure that the combustion process runs smoothly and safely, but also manages the whole heating system. Its modern design and compact body make it the perfect finishing touch of every pellet device!

    The design of the device is centered around the accessibility, ease of use and practicality thus giving the end user the feeling of satisfaction and security from the heating system. The contemporary device utilizes cutting edge technologies and components and gives the user:

    • unique design - color 4.3" IPS touch display
    • intuitive effortless operation
    • remote control via internet

    Special attention is given to the easy and convinient setup and monitoring of the system by the installers:

    • flexible and intuitive setup of all parameters of the processes control
    • economical operation thanks to the implemented modern Fuzzy Logic power modulation algorithm, that guarantees swift reaching and stable maintaining of the set temperature
    • full log of errors, events and user actions

    pdf tPell GFX Manual

    pdf tPell Brochure

  • Inputs/Outputs
    Pt1000 t1 Temperature sensor flue gas
    NTC 10K t2 Temperature sensor boiler
    NTC 10K / On - Off t3 Temperature sensor room temperature / thermostat
    NTC 10K t4 Temperature sensor DHW
    Light sensitive i1 Light sensor flame intensity
    Active level
    i2 Hall sensor for fan revolutions counting
    i3 Pressure switch e2
    Sensor for pellet level / position of cleaner mechanism
    input 230V AC
    error Error Bunker fire (Overheat Bunker)
    230V 50Hz MAINS Power supply, internal fuse 6.3А
    Relay LIGHTER Lighter
    FEEDER Feeder main (fuel feeding mechanism)
    PUMP Boiler pump
    FAN Fumes fan
    FEEDER 2 Feeder internal
    DHW DHW pump
    CLEANER Cleaner / Chimney fan
  • Internet

    Always connected with your heating system!


    Installing additional WiFi module to the pellet controller connects the heating system with Internet. The device connects to the remote monitoring and control service tRemote, which allows you to have access to your installation from anywhere anytime.

    The mobile application tRemote allows you to:

    • turn on/off the device
    • set the desired temperature, monitor the current temperature
    • set the maximum power, monitor the current power
    • detailed monitoring of the current state
    • chart of the fuel consumption
    • log of events and errors
    • week timer programming
    • altering service parameters from authorized users

    You can download the mobile application from:

    Get it on Google Play Get it on App Store

    pdf tRemote connection manual

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