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Our products


The Uninterruptible Power Supply SineUPS guarantees continuous work of all the appliances connected, generating pure sinewave.

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Differential Thermostat

Essential part of every solar system is the control unit. The thermostats guarantee precise control and monitor for emergencies of your solar heating system.

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Pellet Controller

Modern design, precise control of the burning process through monitoring of multiple parameters. Remote control via Internet.

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Internet remote control


Always connected with your heating system!

The tRemote service gives you constant control over your pellet heating system. Throgh the mobile application you can monitor in real-time the state of your home and quickly adjust the heating settings.

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Who are we?

We design and manufacture specialized domestic heating equipment. We focus on modern technologies, user convenience in everyday use and last but not least, the safety and trouble-free use of our products.

The products we offer are suited for:

  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for heating systems
  • differential thermostats for solar heating
  • pellet controllers for burners and stoves

While developing our products we always work hard to comply with our client's needs, provide maximum safety, comfort and efficiency of the heating system our product is part of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit this section to get answers to most frequently asked questions from the clients regarding our products.